Glory House has been a certified member of the American Correctional Association since 2007. It is the only adult residential facility in South Dakota to have this accreditation.

Glory House was audited by the ACA in 2017. It received a 100% rating.

In 2003, Congress passed and President George W. Bush signed the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). After several years of study and rulemaking, PREA standards were issued in 2012. Glory House then set to work to become compliant with these standards.

Glory House was audited in 2016 and was awarded a Certificate of Compliance with PREA in 2017. Glory House is the only transitional facility in Eastern South Dakota to be certified as PREA compliant.

Glory House follows all laws and standards under PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act).
Glory House had one substantiated PREA report for 2015.

Glory House had one unfounded and one substantiated PREA report for 2014.

The outline below provides information of PREA.
Glory House has a zero tolerance for sexual harassment or sexual abuse by any representative of the agency, other clients, or private citizens. Clients can report any violation of the above to any agency staff member, law enforcement, referral agent, medical center, advocacy member, or private citizen. Glory House will investigate or report the allegations for investigation by law enforcement as required under PREA. The reporting client will be free of retaliation by agency representatives or clients upon discovery of the report. A grievance process is available to clients posted at the facility. Glory House will ensure medical as well as mental health services are available to the client upon discovery of the incident at no cost to the client as well as on going treatment related to sexual violation. When an administrative investigation is implemented, the agency will appointment a staff member or when required, the contract oversight manager. Findings of the administrative investigation will be available to the reporting victim if the victim continues services with the agency at the conclusion of the investigation within 90 days of report. If legal charges qualify, the reporting client may be asked to testify.

This can be reported to any staff member, referral agency, law enforcement, medical center, Compass Center of Sioux Falls, or other party not affiliated with this agency.

Local numbers:

Law Enforcement/medical 911
Court Services 605-367-5930
State Parole 605-367-5980
Federal Supervised Release 605-977-8900
Bureau of Prisons 612-332-5030
Compass Center 605-339-0116
For further details of PREA or a full definition for sexual assault, sexual abuse, or sexual harassment, visit

Call 605-988-9113 or Click HERE to report a violation and ` the form to

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PREA Policy

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2017 Auditor Letter

2017 Audit Report