About us

The mission of Glory House is To Help People Claim their Lives with Christian Compassion, Resources and Support. Both residential and outpatient clients participate in programs that treat substance abuse and other mental health issues. Clients address irresponsible thinking patterns and develop life skills and positive habits that promote accountability and improve family relationships.

Glory House clients come from many cultures and have a wide diversity beliefs. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Each client develops a treatment plan that meets his or her individual needs. A Level of Service Inventory (LSI) is administered at the beginning, during and at the end of their stay in order to objectively measure progress in the following areas:
  • -Criminal history
  • -Education and employment history
  • -Financial responsibility
  • -Family relationships
  • -Housing
  • -Recreation and leisure activities
  • -Substance abuse
  • -Emotional and personal issues
  • -Attitude

A client re-enters society better prepared to lead a balanced and responsible life with skills for maintaining sobriety, financial independence and healthy relationships.