Glory House President Nicki Dvorak

Dear Glory House Stake Holders: The search process for the next President of the Glory House has been completed by the board of the Glory House.

While any leadership transition has its risks and rewards, replacing a leader who spent a quarter century at the top of an organization is particularly challenging. With this in mind, I am pleased to announce the exciting news that the Board of Directors has named Nicki Dvorak-Ripperda as our next President of the Glory House. The board and I are both fully confident that Nicki is the right leader for our organization.


Nicki brings a client-first focus to the Glory House. This people-oriented leadership makes her the right leader to guide the Glory House forward. Nicki has been with the Glory House since 1999. She has previously served in counseling, employment services, and human resources. Her broad understanding and knowledge in all areas of the Glory House services provide a major strategic advantage as the Glory House looks to expand our footprint in the community and build a second set of apartments for our clients.

In addition to her professional career, Nicki is also an active volunteer in the Sioux Falls community and at the Ransom Church. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Allied Health with a Major in Alcohol and Drug Studies and a master’s degree in Administrative Services, both from The University of South Dakota.

We are incredibly excited for Nicki to lead the Glory House for the next generation of clients.

Ryan Howlett
Glory House Board Chairperson 2022