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Helping people claim their lives with Christian compassion, resources and support.

Glory House

Glory House responds to the needs of individuals, families, and the community. Programs focus on solving problems caused by substance abuse and unhealthy thinking patterns.


Participants in Glory House programs represent an array of cultures, personalities, attitudes, and beliefs. Individualized plans focus on promoting prosocial values and behaviors.

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Since 1968, Glory House has helped people struggling with addiction, mental health problems and poor life skills claim their lives by using evidence based practices provided by caring staff.

Both residential and outpatient clients develop the skills needed to live a successful life free of drugs, alcohol and crime. The trained and experienced staff at Glory House help clients find employment, housing and transportation. Individuals have the opportunity to address their many complex challenges. Clients identify their personal risk factors and develop winning strategies that keep them moving forward.

With the support and involvement of the local community, Glory House assists clients to become happier, healthier, stronger and contributing members of the community.

Glory House is continuing to accept gifts for Phase 2 of Glory House Apartments.

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Glory House Featured in March Issue of local Chamber News

"Greg Sands knows the importance of community. As the owner of Sands Wall Systems, he has hundreds of team members in several surrounding states. As a philanthropist, Sands financially supports area nonprofits including Glory House and the Avera Addiction Care Center. As a previously incarcerated person, he knows firsthand how important it is for a community to support people seeking a second chance.

'If we don’t have a transitional process from incarceration to becoming a responsible, productive member of society, if we are not helping transition people, then they’re just going to continue to go back into prison,' said Sands.

For those who are able, steady employment can be a catalyst to building a fulfilling life. 'It’s critical,' said Sands. 'And [work] is healthy – mentally and physically, as well as emotionally and financially.'

Sands views employment, and the construction industry in particular, as a team atmosphere where people build things together – literally and figuratively. 'It gives people a sense of community and belonging,' he said, 'and that’s key to staying on the journey of recovery.'

'Employment is such an important piece of all of our lives,' agreed Nicole Dvorak, President and Human Resource and Compliance Officer at Glory House. 'Everybody has fulfillment when they provide a service.'

At Glory House, Dvorak has seen the impact a paycheck can have on their clients, and it can be life changing. 'They’re starting to make those contributions to their family where maybe they haven’t provided support for a number of years,' she said.

And as the employment relationship grows, so does the community connection. 'They start to see that they are very valuable,' said Dvorak, 'not only with people in their family, but also with people who don’t even know them.'"

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Lives Transformed

Testimonial from TF

I am extremely grateful for my time here at Glory House. I discovered tools I wasn't aware that I had.
I found the staff to be extremely supportive in my walk here. I don't think I would have done as well if I
had been released directly to my own place.

Testimonial from ST

God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.

Testimonial from AH

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.

Testimonial from KD

Here we have hope--and hope is the one thing that can help us get through the toughest, darkest of

Testimonial from SB

It was great to have a support system of people who understood where I was coming from. I was finally
in a place where I wasn't the black sheep. I came to the Glory House broken, angry and lost. I leave the Glory House confident, employed, with a driver's license and car. The Glory House gave me my life back.
I am forever grateful to this place.

Testimonial from BP

I got out of jail and came here. I had nothing, but I'm out now. Got a place, a job, and some money. I'm sober.

Testimonial from Anonymous

It is incredible the impact this place has made on our community for so many years. They offer a wide variety of services and are there when and if you need them. Jon and Ken are rockstars like everyone else I've encountered there. Thanks for making an impact on our community. Superior.

Our Programs

Clients discover life skills, problem-solving skills, and positive habits to improve their lives, their families, and their social relationships.

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