Electronic Monitoring

Glory House has, since 1991, been providing both accountability and programming to adults and juveniles through the use of Electronic Monitoring (EM). Glory House uses two types of Electronic Monitoring accountability: Global Positioning System (GPS) and SCRAM. We have found EM to be a viable sanction for restricting the mobility and freedoms of offenders while simultaneously holding him or her accountable for meeting educational, work, treatment and other responsibilities. Additionally, the adults on this program pay the total cost of this program, not the taxpayer!

While on the program, an individual is held accountable by a "field surveillance officer" who, through both electronic monitoring and personal contact, will monitor their movements. Additionally, that same officer will assist in the coordination of that person's other obligations such as work, school, treatment and other responsibilities. We also conduct regular breath analysis and urinalysis for each person on EM based on the request of the referring agency.

Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM)

Beginning in July 2006 Glory House started using Alcohol Monitoring units to track alcohol consumption for offenders in the state of South Dakota.

Alcohol monitors are ankle bracelets that measure the body's alcohol level through trans-dermal perspiration. The ankle bracelet takes a reading every 30 minutes. This information is transmitted at a pre-determined time via a wireless RF signal to a modem. The modem which is connected to a conventional phone line transfers the data to SCRAMnet which generates a daily report to the surveillance officer who contacts the judges, court service personnel, and probation or parole officers.

EM/SCRAM Application

For specific information on Electronic Monitoring and/or SCRAM call 605-988-9116 or E-Mail: emalert@glory-house.org.

The EM Office is located in the Sands Freedom Center:
3930 S. West Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57105